Vivien Poly

I started photography when I lived in Paris a few years ago. It became obvious to me that a single photo could synthesize emotions that could be expressed beyond words and break the barriers of languages. I believe that every human being is carrying a unique energy that can be portrayed and felt by the viewer as a strong and immediate message.

When I travelled to Java for the first time, I saw the great potential of the local street art scene that is animated by many communities, festivals and alternative art spaces. Since I moved to Yogyakarta two years ago as for a life and artistic experience, I fully dedicate my time to collaborating with local and international artists exploring the photo « paste-up » medium.

I am an active member of the international art collective MICRO GALLERIES and the SESAMA COMMUNITY in Yogyakarta. I’m also a former agent in the music business and filmmaker. My work in fine art photography is distributed by Art Photo Limited.

Coming shows

"ON THE WAY TO KATHMANDU" - INDONESIA, THAILAND, MYANMAR & NEPAL Art tour with a community of artists heading to Micro Galleries Kathmandu 1-16 November "FRENCH PIC NIC" - NEPAL Kathmandu with MICRO GALLERIES Residency: 16 - 25 November Production and Installation Week + Workshops : 18 - 25 November Live Weekend: 23-25 November Open-Air Galleries are accessible: 23 November - 7 December


MAP PHOTO FESTIVAL - FRANCE Toulouse - "Photocopie" Original creation on A3 photocopy prints and Xerox long prints 20 giant artworks 4 - 24 May 2018 at "La Halle de la Cartoucherie" L'AEROSOL - FRANCE Paris Indoor display B'N'B 24 - PORTUGAL Lisbon Private project HONG KONG WALLS (OFF) Urban display THE FACTORY PHNOM PENH Cambodia - "Freak Dat Thang" FRENCH INSTITUTE IFI-LIP in INDONESIA Yogyakarta Solo exhibition "J.A.W.A" (Just Art With Alchemy) Collaboration with the recycled trash instrument band "Mo’ong" A talk about "the power of imagination" 1st Feb - 15th March 2018 SESAMA ART SPACE - INDONESIA Yogyakarta Residency program and the production of "J.A.W.A" (Just Art With Alchemy) Solo exhibition and performances with dancers and musicians 1-30 November 2017 MICRO GALLERIES - INDONESIA Jakarta International street art event with 50 artists in Kedai Nanas Kampung September 2017 JOGJA NATIONAL MUSEUM - INDONESIA Yogyakarta Street art performance

Private collection

Paris, Singapore, Jakarta, Bali, Amsterdam, Lisbon, London & Hong Kong.